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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Item Code 85165
Color: Orange,Light Green,Cream,Black, White
RM32 (Now RM26)
Material: Soft linen-like fabric

Item Code 85180
Color Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink(Sold Out), Black
RM30 (Now RM25)
Material: Cotton

Item Code 8310
Color: Brown Floral(Sold Out), White Floral, Black Floral
Price: RM25 (Now RM20)
Material: Chiffon

Item Code 8718
Color: (A)Black with Red Floral,
(B)Cream with Brown Floral,
(C)White with Purple Floral,
(D)Grey with Pink Floral
(E)Black with Pink Floral,
(F)Light Grey with Pink Floral
(G) White with Red Floral
Price: RM30 (Now RM25)
Material: Printed Cotton

Item Code 8313
Color Grey, Black, Blue
RM30 (Now RM25)
Material: Cotton with lace, 2-piece